Moshe Segal

Founder and CEO

An inspired visionary and committed entrepreneur, Moshe founded IConduct after spending 20 years in various management roles, gaining vast experience and knowledge of IT systems and business process in numerous organizations across a variety of industries. Moshe holds a BSc in Industrial Management from the Israel Institute of Technology, and an Executive MBA from Haifa University.

When not at work Moshe enjoys cooking for his wife and kids, and at least once a year he escapes to the Italian Alps for what he considers the ultimate Rest & Relaxation.

Amir Meshulam

Founder, CO-CEO and CTO

A born technologist and entrepreneur, Amir has natural management skills, an exceptional development ability and an in-depth understanding of the internet and software worlds. Combined with his proven track record as an entrepreneur of cloud applications, he has all the knowledge and skills required to fill the gap between market demand, business requirements and existing technological barriers, and lead his team to creating the ultimate software solution.

When not at work, Amir walks, a lot, and a long way. In 2001 it was the Appalachian Trail, 2160 miles across eastern United States (from Georgia to Maine), in 2007 it was the Pacific Crest Trail, 2,600 miles from Mexico to Canada, and still in the planning is the 3,100 miles of the Continental Divide Trail.

Nir Sidi

R&D Manager

A brilliant thinker and problem solver, Nir is a programmer who believes that doing the hard yards and putting in the hours will earn you the very best and most creative results. With more than 10 years of experience in software development, working with Microsoft technologies in civil and military environments, Nir inspires others to think outside the box and make the impossible happen.

When not at work, you can probably find Nir having a quiet evening at home with his wife and kids or laying 10 meters deep on the sea bed, freediving with he's spear gun waiting for the next big fish to cross by.