The first spark…

Founded by Information Systems experts with decades of implementation and integration experience, IConduct was established to answer a real, everyday need. After witnessing the decentralization of traditional Information Systems, and the increased complexity of business processes that lean more and more on "expert" applications, we saw the chaos and the need for simple integration, and created a solution that was business-focused and technologically enabled.

Turning the spark into a flame

Being in a unique position to provide the solution – with vast hands-on experience of the various applications as well as in-depth understanding of the business processes that are dependent on them – we created a Self Service Integration platform that supports ever-changing business requirements, by simplifying cross-platform process integration in a hybrid environment.

Bridging the gap, bringing you closer

Understanding the true needs of customers, we know there are those who require an on-premise solution, those who require a cloud solution, and of course, there are hybrid customers who like to live in and enjoy both worlds. That is why we developed the ultimate hybrid solution, which integrates all business applications through a single web-based UI, and creates complex business flows through a simple drag & drop interface, with zero coding.

Our one and only love

At IConduct we understand that every business is unique and different, and we see it as our mission to provide solutions that everyone can enjoy. It is this commitment, coupled with our dynamic and highly responsive spirit, that enables us to provide simple, effective solutions with true value for money. Now, as anyone in a good relationship will tell you, good relationships are not about co-dependence, they’re about being independent, together. That is why we have created a 'Self-Service Integration' platform that is fast, simple, and requires absolutely no coding, so anyone can integrate any business process.

We love exciting our clients

You know you’re doing something right when you manage to get your clients truly excited about integration. Our clients get excited because they feel the relief of finding a solution that integrates not only applications, but the requirements of the IT department with the various needs and wants of the business units throughout the organization.

We know we are helping our clients because we receive thank you letters that sound like this:

Rinat AmirApplication & IT Director at Mazor Robotics
“Good platform, Fast Implementation, Very stable integration tool, great service team, saves lots of working hours"
Yoav MelamedIT Manager at Dan Pal
“IConduct is Friendly! After couple of hours, you can control it. It helps me to connect my Oracle On Premises ERP with my cloud CRM (both ways)"
“With IConduct we can easily and seamlessly integrate our cloud CRM and on premise ERP. The IConduct solution is of great value to our organization. It helped us automate many time-consuming manual processes."
Ami Ben-DrorIT/MIS Director at LiveU
“IConduct helped us automate and sync efficiently all our business processes and create structured connectivity for our systems, Including complexed billing processes derived from our big-data"
“In an environment with multiple applications including, Oracle Applications, Salesforce, Agile PLM, SharePoint and many more – the IConduct allows us to define all our processes using a single and easy to use web portal.”
O. ATLASKornit Digital
“IConduct gave us the ability to integrate our Salesforce with our ERP and implement cross application process for our sales and service.”
E. GUTTERMANCellebrite
“With the IConduct platform, the question of whether to assimilate a new organizational application becomes much easier. In the dynamic work environment that we had to deal with today, this is the platform that the situation demands.”
“IConduct is highly recommended for multiple data structure organizations. The system is VERY easy to use and within a few days of implementation you can have a full independence in creating interfaces - which is great!”
Nir BlayerShamir Optics
“Great tool! Before the implementation each company managed her own data. We had a 4 hour training and then we could manage the system by ourselves. We created interfaces that allowed our HQ to see all data from all subsidies on-line in our ERP systems.”

These kinds of letters get us excited and very happy to remain loyal to the relationships we’re in.