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Save on expensive application capacity and licenses by using a shared file storage and management solution, fully integrated into all business applications.

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At IConduct, we master integration with business in mind. With decades of integration experience, we saw the need for simple integration, and created a solution that was business focused and technologically enabled.
A platform that supports ever-changing business requirements, by
simplifying cross-platform process integration in a hybrid environment.

Content Management Integration

A domestic rendezvous, can also be very cost effective

Saving all corporate documentation on a content management application can amount to huge savings in cloud capacity fees. The IConduct Integration Platform allows you to save all files and user profiles seamlessly in your local or cloud-based content management application.

So while usability remains the same, the documentation will be saved on a dedicated (and cheaper) application, and a link will take its place on all relevant business applications; reducing the capacity fee dramatically.



A loving home makes a harmonious family

When all corporate data, originating from the various applications, is saved in a single storage and management application, and can be easily accessed from any application; you know the entire organization is using the same, complete information, regardless of the originating and target applications.

A perfect tango

The IConduct Integration Platform allows you to use all business applications as you normally would, while enjoying all the benefits of a dedicated content management application, including version control, smart search and many more.

Creating a file – When creating a new account on your CRM for example, the IConduct Integration Platform will automatically create a file directory under the same name in the content management app, and transfer all relevant files. However, this data will still be accessible from within the originating CRM application.

Editing a file– When editing a document (that is saved on a content management application) through an integrated application, your ERP for example, you will not be required to download, edit, and upload the file again, but rather have the file open automatically. When you finish editing and saving, the file will be uploaded directly into the content management application; preventing duplications and providing true cross-organizational content management and collaboration.



  • With IConduct we can easily and seamlessly integrate our cloud CRM and on premise ERP. The IConduct solution is of great value to our organization. It helped us automate many time-consuming manual processes
    Information System Kenshoo
  • IConduct gave us the ability to integrate our Salesforce with our ERP and implement cross application process for our sales and service.
    Business Application Manager Kornit Digital
  • In an environment with multiple applications including, Oracle Applications, Salesforce, Agile PLM, SharePoint and many more – the IConduct allows us to define all our processes using a single and easy to use web portal.
    Business Application Manager AllOt

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