Shipping Integration

Your courier is an intricate part of your logistics.
Integrate it with all business critical applications to ensure smooth operations.

Integration Experts, Fluent in Business

At IConduct, we master integration with business in mind. With decades of integration experience, we saw the need for simple integration, and created a solution that was business focused and technologically enabled.
A platform that supports ever-changing business requirements, by
simplifying cross-platform process integration in a hybrid environment.

Shipping Integration

Hand in hand the whole way

Shipping supplies to customers and across the organization often requires a third party courier. In order to see this process through, and gain complete visibility over the operational flow, you require seamless integration between the courier App and business critical applications such as ERP and CRM. Regardless of the applications involved, implementing your own individual shipping process is simple – just drag & drop.



When you know where you're going, it's easy to get there together

IConduct Integration Platform ensures a seamless process for both the courier and the organization as a whole. The ability to prepare a shipment, with all required paperwork, through any business application, forward the shipment information to the courier, and receive status updates and tracking information back into organizational applications, means you always know where everything is. On a wider scope, this level of integration also enables better inventory control, keeping track of 'in transit' parts and products, more trackable warehousing etc.

Friendly even with outsiders

Maintaining seamless integration is difficult enough inside the organization, and virtually impossible when third party vendors are involved. The IConduct Integration Platform ensures this flawless integration through an intuitive and easy-to-use UI, eliminating the need to learn both the source and target APIs. With zero coding required, all you have to do is drag & drop entities into the relevant in-house applications, and track every item from pick-up to delivery.



  • With IConduct we can easily and seamlessly integrate our cloud CRM and on premise ERP. The IConduct solution is of great value to our organization. It helped us automate many time-consuming manual processes
    Information System Kenshoo
  • IConduct gave us the ability to integrate our Salesforce with our ERP and implement cross application process for our sales and service.
    Business Application Manager Kornit Digital
  • In an environment with multiple applications including, Oracle Applications, Salesforce, Agile PLM, SharePoint and many more – the IConduct allows us to define all our processes using a single and easy to use web portal.
    Business Application Manager AllOt

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