Amir Meshulam

Founder, CEO

A natural-born technologist and entrepreneur, Amir has innate management skills, exceptional abilities in development and an in-depth understanding of the internet and software worlds. Combined with his proven track record as an entrepreneur of cloud applications, he has all the knowledge and skills required to fill the gap between market demand, business requirements and existing technological barriers, and lead his team to create the ultimate software solution. When not at work, Amir enjoys taking long challenging walks around the world.

Ariel Shaulov


A brilliant thinker and problem solver, Ariel is a technical genius who also loves handling the managerial side of the business. He believes that professionalism and high motivation are the most important drives for success and will earn you the most creative results. Ariel earned his BSc in Engineering in the prestigious academic institute - the Technion. With more than 10 years of experience in DBA, BI and software development, Ariel inspires others to think outside the box and make the impossible happen.

Dror Reifer


A visionary and a people person, Dror enjoys being an inspiring member of the company’s leadership. Dror spent over 10 years in technical development roles in the high-tech industry, and over 10 years in various pre-sale management roles, gaining vast experience and knowledge of sales and business processes. Dror holds a BSc in Computers and Math and an MBA with a concentration in Marketing. Making an impact is a part of Dror’s way of thinking and motivating others.

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