The IConduct platform allows organizational applications to be synchronized across on-premise and cloud-based environments NetCloud, the official representative in Israel of NetSuite, the world’s leading ERP software, and IConduct, the developer of a platform for creating full integration and synchronization between all the organizational IT infrastructures and applications, whether on-premise or cloud-based (iPaaS solutions –
Join us to the conference “Big Data, BI and Cloud” on September 19th at the AVENUE Convention Center, Air-Port City, IL
Author: Moshe Segal, Founder and CEO Fred is CIO of a high-tech company with some 300 employees spread across the globe.   Having joined the company in its early days, he has accompanied its expansion and the organizational and business changes that have required the introduction of new technology systems. However, as the organization expanded globally, and
Cellebrite, the leading provider of customer experience management solutions to ensure mobile lifecycle continuity, has recently completed a project in which it has implemented the IConductCloud platform to create full integration and synchronization between all its IT infrastructures and organizational applications (iPaaS – Integration Platform as a Service). Implementation of the IConduct platform provides full and
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